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First Time Exporters to the EU Markets

First Time Exporters to the EU Markets
If your company starts manufacturing or importing 1 tonne or more of a chemical substance per year you can benefit from late pre-registration provisions
To benefit from transitional period, the first time manufacturer/ importer must pre-register at the latest six month after its manufacturing or import exceeds the one-tonne threshold, and at least 12 month before the relevant deadline for registration.
First time Manufacturers or importers will therefore have to submit their pre-registration before 30 November 2009, 31 May 2012 or 31 May 2017, whichever is relevant in view of their tonnage thresholds.
Manufacture or import for the first time means, manufacture or import for the first time from the entry into force of REACH.
If you are a non- EU first time manufacturer and/or exporter to the EU market, you can get in touch with Doruk Sistem Consultancy Co. via contact form  for details of late pre-registration process.
Inquiry Process
Every potential registrant of;
- a non-phase substance
- a phase-in substance which has not been pre-registraition period,
- a phase-in substance which can not benefit from the late pre-registration process.
MUST Inquire to ECHA. The inquiry dossier is submitted to ECHA by REACH-IT. The data required for inquiry will include minimum data to identify the substance to which the inquiry pertains.
If you are a non-EU manufacturer or/and exporter , your Inquiry Dossier dossier must be submitted to ECHA by your only Only Representative".
You can get in touch with Doruk Sistem via contact form for details of inquiry process.

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