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ISO 14001 History

ISO 14001 History

Environmental Management Systems in the real sense has emerged in the early 1960s. 1970-1980 Between the years crafted the laws and regulations with the seriousness of the clutch being başlanmıştır.1990 'ed early in the Coming of the environment pollution-intensive industrialization, as a result of rapid increases, the Environmental Management Systems, part of the "waste minimization" concept is important to become started. From this point to be focused on environmental management was standardized. This standardization work has involved many institutions and organizations. Some of these changes, British Standards Institution (BSI), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Standards Organization (ISO) 'stop.

International Standards Organization (ISO) 's as a member and environmental management issues dealing with 207 numbered technical committee (ISO / TC 207), business and governments in the environment-related complaints in the direction that everyone can benefit from international contacts for the study began. Determined in accordance with these requirements may be applicable in the international arena to create a standard has emerged.

Firstly, this committee (ISO / TC 207) can be used only in some manufacturing sectors (nuclear, energy, plastics, etc..) Sampling, testing and analytical methods with established standards. Today, more than 350 air and water used in industry for the control of standards is created. These standards were created in many countries has been fundamental environmental laws.

Then, to ISO / TC 207 Technical Committee can be applied throughout the world in every industry standards has created a general environment. Built in 1993 this standard and emerging advances in environmental issues has been developed to give the answer. Environmental Management Systems, to environmental management systems auditing, environmental labeling, life-long evaluation was given priority.

Committee in September 1996 under the ISO 14000 standard for use throughout the world has once again adapted.

The 2004 version is still in force, was released on November 15, 2004 by the ISO. The latest version of the ISO 14001 standard process (process) oriented, plan-to-application-control precautions on the cycle was constructed.

Briefly the historical development of the ISO 14001 standard can be summarized as follows:

· Environmental protection measures in 1973 to implement the principles of the European Union I. Action Plan was published.
· 1992, 14 000 families by the ISO to develop standards to ISO / TC 207 Environmental Management Technical Committee has been established.
· Rio Declaration made in 1992.
· 1994 TS 9719 standards (Environmental Management Systems-General Specifications) has been released.
· EN ISO 14001 standard was published in 1996.
· ISO 14 001 standard, as seen in 2004, the revision has taken its final form.

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