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Manage Health and Safety Risks

Manage Health and Safety Risks

OHSAS 18001 certification can help an organization identify and manage uncontrolled and unnecessary health & safety risks, better safeguarding employees and business...

Although the United States has a strict regulatory framework for Occupational Health & Safety, it is clear that when a business implements an OHSAS 18001 certified management system, the supports towards improvement in health & safety areas is more widespread, longer-lasting and shared by all. And as a result, the update of OHSAS 18001 certification around the world is on the rise.

What is OHSAS 18001?

Jointly developed by a number of international organizations, national standards bodies and third party certification bodies (including LRQA), an OHSAS 18001 certified management system can help you identify and manage uncontrolled and unnecessary health & safety risks, better safeguarding your employees and your business.

The standard was revised in 2007, and now any organization wishing to become certified will be certified to the 2007 version.

OHSAS 18001 Certification from DORUK SISTEM Benefits Your Business

Doruk Sistem's TURKAK accredited OHSAS 18001 certification helps create a systematic framework in which organizations drive continual improvement. This provides a competitive advantage for your organization because it:

•Offers a structured approach to hazard identification and risk management which can contribute to the provision of a healthier and safer working environment and the avoidance of a high proposition of accidents and OHS problems

•Helps reduce and eliminate injuries, accidents and incidents of both employees and subcontractors, potentially resulting in liability claims and reduced insurance premiums

•Can help increase worker productivity and morale

•Offers you the increased credibility of having an independently accredited OHSAS 18001 certified management system  over half of the Turkey’s top 100 companies choose us

Our assessors are industry specialists and experts who are matched with your business needs, enabling an effective and robust assessment of your system.

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