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MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

  REACH Safety Data Sheets (SDS) is the main hazard communication tool in the supply chain of substances and mixtures. It is regulated by REACH regulation and CLP regulation. We prepare EU Safety Data Sheets according to the latest requirements of REACH and CLP, and translate them into different languages according to your needs.

If you supply chemicals to your downstream users in the EU and you are interested in finding out how to comply with the EU chemical legislation so that your business will not be interrupted, please clickhere to see your obligations.

Who Should REACH Supply Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and When?

  1. Supplier of a substance or mixture if:
    • substance/mixture is hazardous;
    • substance is PBT or vPvB;
    • substance is on candidate list of substances of very high concern(SVHC) for reasons other than those above;
  2. Supplier must provide SDS at recipients request where a mixture is not hazardous but contains a substance which:
    • poses human health or environmental hazard(>=1% w/w non-gaseous/>=0.2% w/v gaseous mixtures); or;
    • is a PBT or vPvB (>=0.1% w/w) or;
    • is on Candidate List of SVHC (>=0.1% w/w) or;
    • has exposure limits (OELV);
  3. SDS must be supplied before or at time of the first delivery of chemical in paper or electronic format;

What is new in REACH Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

  1. Section 1: Identification of substance or mixture and company:
    • Registration No. is required;
    • Use of the substance/mixture is added;
    • E-mail address of competent person is needed;
  2. Section 2: Hazards identification:
    • Distinguish between mixtures that are and are not hazardous;
    • Mention other hazards that do not result in classification (e.g., dustiness, ozone depletion);
    • Classification as in Title V CLP and DSD(see note);
  3. Section 3: Composition & information on ingredients:
    • All substances classified as hazardous or those with OELVs or PBT/vPvB need to be reported;
  4. Section 7: Handling and storage:
    • Where CSR required, information to be consistent with Exposure Scenario (ES);
    • Under "Handling" include measures to protect environment;
    • New section on "Specific uses";
  5. Section 8: Exposure controls/personal protection (If CSR is required):
    • DNELs and PNECs for substance need to be provided;
    • Summary of Risk Management Measures(RMM) shall included for identified uses as set out in ES;
  6. Section 11, 12: Toxicological information and Ecological information:
    • Summaries of toxic tests and ecological tests need to be provided;
  7. Section 15: Regulatory information:
    • Indicate if CSA has been carried out;
    • Indicate if substance subject to authorization/restriction;
  8. Section 16: Other information:
    • Full text of R phrases (hazard statements) to be listed;
    • Upon revision, indicate information added/deleted/revised;

Note: From 1 December 2010 until 1 June 2015, substance shall be classified in accordance with both DSD and CLP. The SDS shall contain both classification information under DSD and CLP, which means the substance shall be re-classified and the SDS shall be updated accordingly.

For example, for substance A, Section 2 “hazards identification” shall contain the following classification information: (From 1st Dec2010 to 1st Jun 2015 CLP & DSD)

  • 2.1 Classification of the substance
  • 2.1.1 Classification according to Regulation(EC) No1272/2008(CLP)
    Flam.Liq 2 H225; Active Tox.3 H301
  • 2.1.2 Classification according to Directive 67/548/EEC (DSD) E: R11; T: R23/24/25

What is extended Safety Data Sheet?

REACH safety data sheet is called extended safety data sheet because REACH requires that Exposure Scenario (ES) (part of registration dossier) be annexed to safety data sheet for substances over 10 ton per year and classified as dangerous.

Our SDS Services

A good Safety Data Sheet not only communicates hazards accurately and protects your customers but also improves the image of your product quality and company profile.

We provide you with the latest Safety Data Sheet according to REACH & CLP.  Should this service be of any interest to you, please don't hesitate to contact us.


 Take look at an example of one of our SDSs as follows.

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