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According to the Regulation "CLASSIFICATION OF PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS PACKAGING AND LABELLING" which is entered into force after publication in the Official Gazette dated 25.03.2011 and No. 27885, Agricultural producers of plant protection products, must renew their licenses or new regulations to be made to accompany applications include those obligations and concerned.

According to this;

Regulation in Annex I of the " Dangerous Substances and Preparations " having the characteristics specified in the plant protection products, is considered dangerous for human health and the environment.

Ensuring adequate level of protection for human health and the environment is essential for the plant protection products.

Plant protection products placed on the market in packed, labelled and classified in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulation, can not be prohibited, restricted and prevented except the authorization of the Ministry.

According to the regulation;

Those in the license application for the plant protection product label, classification and packaging requirements are related to;

a) In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, having tests and analysis for the classification of plant protection products

b) In accordance with the provisions of the Regulations, providing the classification, labelling and packaging of the products

c) To give the information about composition and other characteristics of the plant protection product at the request of General Directorate

d) At the request of the Directorate General to provide the following information;

1) The data used for classification and labeling of plant protection products,
2) Any information relating to packaging requirements in accordance with "Hazardous Substances and Classification, Packaging and Labelling Regulation" Annex 7

3) Data used for the Safety Data Sheets according to the Annex I of "Hazardous Substances and Preparations" 

d) Companies with license application implements the same provisions of Article 12 of the "Classification,Packaging and Labelling of Hazardous Substances Regulation" even if not included in Annex II for the substances having hazardeous properties.

Classification, Packaging, Labelling of Plant Protection Products

The classification of plant protection products is based on the principles of Hazardous Substances Classification, Packaging and Labeling Regulation "

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