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PPORD Notification

PPORD Notification

In order to promote innovation, Article 9 of REACH specifies that substances manufactured or imported on their own or in preparation, as well as substances incorporated in articles or imported in articles for the purpose of product and process oriented research and development (PPORD) can be exempted from the duty to register for a period of 5 years. To be exempted a company needs to submit a PPORD notification to the Agency.

The exemption from registration for the purpose of PPORD applies provided that the manufacturer, the importer or the producer of the articles carries out the PPORD by himself or in cooperation with listed customers. The Regulation does not impose a limit on the quantities of the substance to be manufactured, imported, incorporated in articles or imported in articles, provided the quantities are limited to the purpose of PPORD. On receipt of the notification, the ECHA may choose to request further information or impose additional conditions.

The PPORD notification dossier will be prepared in IUCLID5, and submitted electronically using the REACH IT portal of the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).


Initial Setup

Advise client whether the activity concerned is within the scope of the definition of product and process oriented research and development (Article 3(22))
Check of the information provided by the client
Advise client on additional information needed

Dossier submission

Creation of an account on the ECHA portal on behalf of the customer (if needed)
Preparation of dossier in IUCLID5, using information provided
Completeness check
Submission of notification dossier

Additional services

Advise on analytical methods for substance identification
Arrange testing for substance identification
Advise on classification and labelling
Advise client on additional information required by ECHA


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