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Doruk Kimyasal Güvenlik Yönetim Sistemleri - Doruk Chemical Safety Management Systems KKDIK, TREACH, MSDS GBF SDS GHS CLP REACH SVHC ISO 14001 SEVESO BEKRA Büyük Endüstriyel Kazaların Kontrolü Yönetmeliği Güvenlik Bilgi Formu Hazırlama - Risk Management








Risk Management


Our customers face risk every day. From the hazardous processes used in their businesses to the extreme locations in which they operate, risk is an inherent part of their business.

While we cannot eliminate these risks, we can establish risk management systems to protect and add value to the organization.

Risk management systems provide a disciplined means to identify, quantify and manage a range of risks, including operational, man-made and natural. These systems provide a framework that supports informed decision-making, planning and allocation of resources to protect and enhance the company's assets, image and objectives through improved operational efficiency.

Doruk Sistem utilizes advanced technologies to help leading companies worldwide optimize their risks and evaluate their exposure to natural, man-made and operational risk.

Doruk Sistem approach to risk management was developed using decades of experience assisting customers across multiple industries.

We use engineering-based and field-proven methods to offer our clients practical, rational and holistic risk management systems and solutions.

From quantitative and probabilistic software-based risk modeling to qualitative hazard assessment, we can help you design an overall risk management system or conduct a specific analysis.

- Explosion and Blast Analysis
- Facility Siting
- Hazard Analyses (HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA)
- Natural Hazards Risk Management
- Risk Assessments (PRA, QRA, FMEA)
- Security and Vulnerability

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