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Who Are We?

 Doruk Chemical Safety Management Systems


Doruk Chemical Management Systems Engineering Technology and Consultancy Co. Inc. has been established in 2005 to guide and lead to the chemical manufacturers, exporters and importers for the compliance of Europian Union, Global and Local legislations and regulations.

Doruk Sistem is currently continuing to the professional consultancy services like certification for the chemical industry, intallations of quality systems, R&D Support, product development, establishing the chemical safety management systems, REACH and SEVESO II compliance, material safety data sheet authoring, label validation, technical system design for safety and health applications in chemical plants,licensing of the chemical manufacturing premises for the local legislations

Doruk Sistem is a leading provider of regulatory consulting and testing services with a strong focus on chemical compliance.

With a strong presence in EU and Turkey , Doruk Sistem has provided cost-effective regulatory support and testing services to lots of companies while doing businesses in both the EU and Turkey .


 System Certification and Assessment Services

- ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and Consulting
- ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification and Consulting 
- OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certification and Consulting
- ISO 22000 Food Safety (HACCP) Certification and Consulting
- TSE Certificate of Location Services
- TSE Certificate of Conformity
- TSE Product Quality Certificate
- The Ministry of Health Product Licensing
- Kimyasal Güvenlik Değerlendirme
- Chemical Safety Assessment
- CMR and Nanometaryal Assessment
- GMP Documentation
- Detergent Regulation Assessment
- Biocidal Products Regulations Assessment


  Chemical Safety Management System Services


- REACH (1907/2006) Compliance, EU and local Legislation Consultancy
- REACH (1907/2006) Legislation Practices and  “Only Representative ” Services
- REACH Registration Dossier preparing
- Technical files and Chemical Safety Report  preperation,
- Exposure scenerio preparing
- REACH Compliance testings and analyzing
- Only Representative services
- Risk Engineering and Proses Safety
- SEVESO Regulation Compliance Management


 New Turkish Chemicals Regulations


Turkey has recently introduced new regulations that requires importers and manufacturers of chemical substances to register them to the Turkish authorities. If you place on the market in Turkey, substances or mixtures/preparations/formulations these requirements may well affect you. You will need to understand the regulatory requirements and, if appropriate, make a registeration in Turkish using the IT tools made available by the Turkish authorities.

Our services include:

  1. Only Representative Services for Turkish Regulations
  2. Compliance Audits
  3. Identification of obligations
  4. Defining strategy for compliance
  5. TREACH/KKDIK Registration dossiers prepaeration
  6. Authorisation of TR Biocidal Products
  7. Risk Assessments
  8. Chemical Safety Reports assessed by certified experts
  9. Safety Data Sheets prepared or compiled by certified experts
  10. Exposure Scenarios with handled methodologies in house
  12. TREACH Only Representative (OR) Services 
  13. TR Representative Biocides
  14. CLP/GHS classification and labelling in Turkish

Background information


Bylaw on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (KKDIK Regulation) was published in the Official Gazette dated June 23, 2011 and numbered 30105. With this Regulation, a new period has started in the management of chemicals in our country. click to read all

The Regulation

Turkish REACH TREACH (KKDIK) is the Turkish Ministry of Environmental and Urbanisation (MoEU) Regulation on chemicals and their safe use, which is published on 23rd June, 2017. It deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances. continue

You can find the English Version Bylaw on TREACH/KKDIK text here


Turkey has published the implementation of TR-CLP (SEA) in Turkish Official Gazette with number 28848 on 11 December 2013. As with the EU CLP Regulation, there will be a transition period prior to the regulation coming into force as of 1 June 2016.

The obligations of chemical manufacturers and importers for classification, labeling and notifications are...
Please click to continue
You can find the English Version TR-CLP Regulation text here

Please contact us for more information if you need help and support in meeting your regulatory requirements for Turkish REACH TREACH/KKDIK, C&L Notifications, certified expert SDS Preparation or Compilation services


Doruk Sistem is a recommended service provider by Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation..

DorukSistem co-operates with the following Institutions and companies:

- Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, GOVERNMENT OF  Turkey
- Ministry of Health, Turkey
- National Poison Center, Turkey
- ECHA - Europian Chemical Agency
- The REACH CENTER , Lancaster University, UK
- CIRS - Chemical Inspection and Regulation Services, IRELAND



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